Going Green

Indoor Herb Gardens and Salad Walls

I’ve been hankering after an indoor herb garden for a while now, so I thought I’d have a root around to see what inspo is sprouting out there. I’ve always loved how indoor herb gardens bring a natural splash of colour into a kitchen space, and infuse the room with an appetising aroma even before you whip out the pans. It’s also a brilliant way to add a quirky creative touch to a cooking space. There are endless possibilities that range from rustic DIY planters decorated in chalkboard paint (so that you can easily label up your new cuttings) to amazing vertical plant walls, and self watering designs.

Amazon: BloomWall

Vertical Plant Walls:

If your wallet is burning a hole in your apron, you might like to indulge in this rather fabulous BloomWall installation. These vertical planter walls have self watering technology, which is absolutely perfect for if you’re too busy watering your kids/pets/partner/self to be bothering with any other thirsty individual. The ingenious product is stackable and works as one product no matter how many sections you have – so you can cover a whole wall in it without any worries about filling up the extra reservoirs. These can be used for indoor and outdoor plants, herbs, and salad crops such as cut-and-come-again lettuce, compact chilli peppers, and tumbling tomatoes.

Amazon: Click and Grow Garden Kit

Herb Planters With LEDs:

If you’d love to grow some greenery in your kitchen but light conditions aren’t ideal, then this Click and Grow Garden Kit could be the smart solution to your problem. Integrated LED lights ensure that plants thrive even in the shadiest corner, and it’s self watering to boot. Just fill the water reservoir, drop in the provided plant pods and plug it in. You’ll be livening up recipes with fresh basil and little effort in next to no time at all.

Amazon: Handmade Oak and Slate Planter

Window Boxes:

This Handmade Oak and Slate Planter has a beautiful natural finish that would add just the right eco essence to a minimalist kitchen design. Three slate markers come along with the planter so you can easily label up your herbs, but I think it would be more interesting to get a bit arty and personalise the piece with a bit of creative typography and a favourite mantra.

Amazon: Concrete Planters

Concrete Herb Planters:

These Concrete Planters are beyond cute. Use them for your herbs, use them for your succulents, I don’t care just use them! I’m also loving the idea of getting some white stones for the top to finish them off in the clean white minimalist aesthetic. The only problem I can see is deciding which room is going to get these little beauties.